we really liked Isabella! Learning while having fun, that’s the best, that’s what we experienced in the unforgettable Vieux-Lyon thanks to her knowledge and presence!

Jane, Leslie, Michael

Enthusiast, smiling, Isabelle has a talent to convey a lot of knowledge in a pleasant way. Her perfect English makes it even more enjoyable! Highly recommended!


Isabelle has a lot of energy, a nice voice, excellent English, she is very lively! One can tell she loves what she is doing! In a very natural way she knows how to share her love of the city and her knowledge! Great tour!


Isabelle was so great! She took us to incredible places, told us historic stories punctuated with laughs not to mention the charming accent! That tour was a real treat!

Rosamind, Angus

We were over the moon about our experience in Lyon! The city is definetely wonderful, the food incredible, the atmosphere extraordinary, but everything was enhanced by your presence and your nice way of telling life… Thank you Isabelle for this unforgettable moment!


our guide was fantabulous! Her expertise was impressive, her energy great, it was all very entertaining and we learned a lot!

Mary and Bob

Our tour with Isabelle was great! She is very knowledgeable of the city, its history, local lore. Her presentation was outstanding with a nice sense of humor. Highly recommended!